µTorrent 3.2.1

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µTorrent 3.2.1

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µTorrent 3.2.1

Aktuální verze ke stažení (32bit):
http://www.utorrent.cz/download/ (i s lokalizací)

Oficiální fórum:

Hlavní inovace:
- podpora Windows 8
- změna uspořádání dialogového okna "Přidat torrent"

Přehled změn:
-- 2012-10-02: 3.2.1 RC 2 = Stable (build 28086)
- Fix: memory corruption bug

-- 2012-09-26: 3.2.1 RC 1 (build 28025)
- Change: Stick "Don't show this again" checkbox to bottom of Add Torrent dialog

--2012-09-24: Version 3.2.1 Beta 7 (build 28012)
- Fix: "offer_enabled" settings in advanced preferences
- Fix: OK/Cancel buttons disappeared after resizing the Add torrent dialog horizontally
- Fix: installer would always show up when running in stand-alone mode from a drive other than C:\
- Fix: Crash fixes - RSS Feeds, Startup, Add Torrent Dialog

-- 2012-09-21: Version 3.2.1 Beta 6 (build 27999)
- Fix: Adding the first torrent via magnet link doesn't refresh the torrent list
- Fix: magnet link files were being added to parent of desired dl dir, when not using add dialog
- Fix: magnet link crash
- Fix: AV colum crash
- Change: In-client offers present for the first time in-client. Offers will promote other products/technologies from µTorrent/BitTorrent and partners. Clicking X in offer will advance to the next available offer until no more offers are available, after which the offer space will close for a period of time. The offer unit can be disabled entirely in Options/Preferences/Advanced and search for sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled (BUG: This "off" setting isn't working as designed - will be operable in near future). Filter for sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled. (Note: this entry was not in the original post on 9/21, was added on 9/23.)
- Change: Move Ok and Cancel buttons to the bottom right corner of the Add Torrent Dialog

-- 2012-09-19: Version 3.2.1 Beta 5 (build 27972)
- Change: Invert the sense of the Delete Torrent dialog
- Fix: Various crash fixes

-- 2012-09-14: Version 3.2.1 Beta 4 (build 27950)
- Fix: crash fixes in add torrent dialog

-- 2012-09-13: Version 3.2.1 Beta 3 (build 27941)
- Fix: don't execute commands on background/hidden torrents (for instance in the add torrent dialog)
- Fix: torrent order issue with magnet links
- Fix: multi-file magnet links are now correctly downloaded into a directory with the torrent's name
- Fix: "add at top of queue" checkbox now works for magnet links
- Feature: don't use a consistent peer-id (to mitigate tracking)
- Fix: On slow connections, the toolbar offer might arrive after the user had
checked or unchecked boxes on the offer page. That would cause the
checkboxes to be reset to the default state, incorrectly installing an

-- 2012-08-08: Version 3.2.1 Beta 2 (build 27718)
- New layout of the Add Torrent Dialog
- Feature: never try a tracker again if it returns status code 410
- Change: add tracker.ccc.de as a default tracker
- Fix: don't write the block list in a part file in 4-byte increments

-- 2012-07-17: Version 3.2.1 Beta 1 (build 27605)
- Fix: Seeing while streaming in Chrome
- Change: Disk I/O error logging
- Change: Disable unbuffered I/O
- Fix: Broadcast new UPnP IP when switching networks
- Fix: When downloading magnet metadata, don't start torrent unless user chose that option
- Fix: Resetting columns in detail listview would crash
- Fix: Crash when peer cancelled a piece
- Change: net.friendly_name (upnp network name) advanced option
- Fix: Crash when writing magnet torrent file to disk
- Feature: Advanced Settings filter
- Feature: Convert http trackers to udp by default
- Fix: Incorrect http requests were causing some RSS feeds to not download

-- 2012-06-26: Version 3.2.1 Beta 1 (build 27554)
- Fix: Single file magnet links were missing file extensions
- Fix: Single file torrents were missing
- Fix: Magnets would be added in stopped state
- Change: If we changed the torrent name before the metadata completed in the "add torrent"
dialog, those changes would not be applied to the torrent; the name field will
disabled while the magnet data is downloading util that's changed.
- Fix: Saving a torrent in the root of a drive (e.g. "X:") would save into the "add torrent"
history list as "X:" instead of "X:\" [Note: This fix is not yet complete]
- Change: don't allow empty names in add torrent dialog